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Tower-Forte Web Designing Service

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Some comments from our clients

I was very fortunate to stumble on Barrie. I realised that the internet had the potential to create demand for my services as a Wedding Pianist, but had no idea how to go about it. Friends of friends had various suggestions, most of which were unrealistically expensive or didn't work. Barrie created a web-site which was ideal for me: cheap to get off the ground and effective. One of his main strengths is to monitor the site and somehow - by magic, of course - get you up amongst the leaders on the Search Engines.

My site has been up-graded and Barrie has created two more sites for me. He is extremely patient, methodical and amazingly efficient: additions, requests, alterations - they’re all seen to very promptly. His enormous knowledge and interest in pianos underpins the work he has done for me: I'm just glad he doesn't play professionally or he'd leave me standing!

About a third of my work comes from the internet. This year alone I've had a booking from Hong Kong, another one from Qatar and also one from Australia - all brides working around the globe and getting married in England. These bookings and many others are owed to Barrie. I recommend him unreservedly.

Nick Wiley

Dear Barrie

I want to thank you for the all your stirling work to make our web site the success that it is. When you built our first site in 2001 your work to register us with the relevant search engines paid off from day one. We have continued to take your advice and our search engine ranking continues to rise.

Today we have sales from all over the world and expect to see continued growth with our Netherlands customers able to benefit from our new Dutch language website as it soon goes live.

Your enthusiasm for the success of our websites have also been a tremendous encouragement.

We now look forward to similar success for our associate organisation Burstone Manor once we can bring together all the relevant information to enable you to start work on that site.

I will continue to recommend Tower-Forte to anyone looking for a cost effective website solution

Yours sincerely

Derek Robert

CEO, Freedom Ministries International