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Tower-Forte Web Designing Service

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Designing a Website

Whether you are an individual needing a basic website of a single page, a small to large business requiring an e-commerce solution, or just to promote your corporate image, Tower-Forte Designs has the experience to deliver just what you want. There isn't a fixed price for a website; as you might expect, costs vary according to the size of the project. E-commerce websites cost slightly more due to the complexity of the site. They require a database to store the product photos and the facility to process payments online through services like Worldpay or Paypal. These sites also need to allow the client to update and add products themselves.

Word of mouth is largely how we have grown. We have been designing websites since 1996, mainly for the music industry.

We know from experience that clients with new ventures on the web often find they need to change things after the site is up and running. There may be new products, visitors asking for things they did not think they would be asked about, or little things that may have been missed. Thatís why we give you updates to your site for the first three months, included in the price.

We also know that in six months you may wish to add a page, so we work out a price in advance for any extra pages that may added after the site is completed.

Most of all we know that if you are not among the top 35 positions in the main search engines then you are not on the net. If you can't be found you are wasting your money. Website placement is just as important as a user-friendly website. See our Search Engine Optimisation page for more information.

What we can do
  • We design a site to meet your needs.
  • We set up your web space and upload the site.
  • We do website marketing and add your site to the major search engines.*
  • We can arrange to manage your site on a weekly or monthly basis; this also includes keeping track of your search engine performance.
  • We also do graphics, shopping carts, email newsletters, and newsletters in PDF.

*Some of the major search engines charge a submission fee to commercial sites. This is not included in our price.